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02-Jun-2017 08:41

When Heath tries to cheer him up with their late son's teddy bear, Bianca snatches it from him.

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Irene calls an ambulance and Sean is taken to hospital.When Heath and Bianca return to the Bay in 2017, they bring Harley with them.He cuts his hand on a broken seashell and Mason Morgan tends to the injury.Sean then threatens Andy's younger brother, Josh (Jackson Gallagher) and his girlfriend Maddy Osborne (Kassandra Clementi), Sean takes Maddy hostage, but lets her go when Kyle Braxton (Nic Westaway) tells him to.

Kyle tries to give Sean some money, but he refuses to take it and attempts to punch Kyle. Sean tries to find a doctor and ends up at Irene Roberts's (Lynne Mc Granger) house.Britland commented "There is a possibility that I might go out to Australia next year, but nothing is confirmed yet. She later finds him in Trafalgar Square and gives him directions, before spending the rest of the day with him.